Pruning involves the removal of infected, lose or dead branches while trimming is cutting back overgrown plants. Failing to trim your trees can not only be an eyesore, but also a risk to property and people. Untrimmed trees can also damage electric cable and result in fire. Pruning and trimming have no specific timing and therefore should done regularly and when need arises. Proper tree care can help you add value to your home in different ways. 

However, depending on the location of the branches and the size of the tree, pruning can be risky for you. For personal safety, you should hire an expert to do the pruning. All the same, pruning comes with several benefits that you should know. Here are some of the benefits of pruning and trimming your trees.


This is one of the important reasons for trimming and pruning. Removal of dead and dying branches helps you reduce the risk of damage to people and property. Heavy rains and strong winds can cause weak branches to break off anytime and cause unforeseen expenses. You can avoid such risks by choosing to trim your trees regularly.

Pests and insect control

Pruning and trimming help in the management of pests and insects. Insect infestation can cause great damage to your tree and home. The insects can make their way into your home or attract more pests to the trees. Tree pruning will not only prevent the spread of the disease but also help treat the disease. 

Proper growth

Just like human beings, tree also need proper care and maintenance for adequate growth. Pruning and trimming helps in the tree health improvement and also make the tree stronger. This helps the tree to grow strong roots which helps it to hold up should a storm come. Pruning also helps in the growth of new branches. 

Good old-fashioned esthetics.

Pruning allows you to shape and direct the growth of a tree. It also allows to remove sections of the tree that grow faster than others. The tree therefore remains healthy throughout its life. Trees are mostly admired for their beauty which you should ensure you achieve.